Published 9/19/22

Durable Renovation Projects to Reduce Maintenance

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Maintenance can be one of the worst parts of any property. We all want a home that will last and look great while also being cost-effective: but is that realistic without putting in a ton of constant work? It can be! These are some of the best ways to get your property into great condition and halt the need for tons of maintenance!

Windows That Can Handle Anything

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Your windows can be the best or worst part of your property. If they’re loose and leak air, you know that your heating and cooling bill will be wildly expensive at all times. If you’re struggling with these bills, consider updating to storm windows. Not only are storm windows more likely to stay sealed for longer regardless of weather and surroundings: but they’ll also protect your property if you’re in an area that deals with hurricanes, tornadoes, or thunderstorms. Of course, storm windows cost more than the average window: but it’s worth it.

Updating Your Appliances

How old are your appliances? If you’ve had to call someone out to help with your dishwasher more than twice in the last year, or your oven feels like it’s letting out tons of heat and isn’t cooking your food as evenly as it used to: it could be time to update your appliances. This is an expensive fix: but you don’t have to worry about that expense for long! Going for energy-efficient appliances means that your home will be comfortable, and your electricity bills will stay lower than you’d ever expect.

Replacing An Older Roof

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How old is your roof? An older roof will let out far more air and cause leaks, make your home more susceptible to rodent and insect life, and can be generally hazardous. If you’ve been spending years using a roof cover board and doing one-off repairs to try and make your roof last longer, it could be time to give up the chase and replace it full out. This replacement will give you the chance to kill off the amount of maintenance you need to complete on your home. Composite insulated roof panels can also boost how well your home keeps the temperature.

Keeping an Eye on Your Siding

How old is your siding? If you notice you have issues with ants, or your home seems to be getting a lot of noise pollution:, it could be time to update your siding. By looking at it, you can check to see if it’s warping, bent, discolored, or cracked: all signs that it’s time to update it. Updating your siding will fix a host of other issues and allow you to have a low-maintenance home with lower monthly bills to boot.

Updating Your Lawn With Native Plants

Plants that are native to where you live are one of the best things you can do to reduce maintenance and work on your property. These native plants will ensure your lawn doesn’t flood and, instead, the water into the soil. They can also reduce the amount of work and watering your news to do on your lawn since these plants will already be acclimated to the surroundings they’re in.

Replacing an Older Garage Door

How old is your garage door? An older one will be worse at keeping out moisture and insect life and can even get stuck open or closed: making it hazardous for whoever is in the garage. Replacing this door is also a home renovation project that offers the largest return on investment and gives you the chance to update your property’s look. This is a must to avoid future trouble. 

Repairing Cracked Concrete

Cracked concrete is going to hurt you in the long run. When it goes through freeze and thaw cycles, these cracks will get larger and larger until you have to replace the entire slab. Instead of ignoring them, or working around them, consider either repairing the cracks: or replacing the pavers with some that are designed to be cracked. These come in gorgeous patterns that can allow them to move more fluidly with changes in the ground without cracking and can last longer.

Swapping Carpet for Sturdier Options

You may love your carpet flooring, but it’s not good for you and could be adding to how often you have to replace your HVAC filters. Carpet traps dirt, grime, and dust, and even if you vacuum, it doesn’t give up all of it. Although it may look cleaner than the average wood floor, it’s full of oils and debris that nobody should want to keep on their floor at all times. Beyond this, carpet ages quickly and can go even faster if you have pets or children. Swapping the carpet for hardwood, tile, or laminate can save you in the long run.

Your Home Can Be Low Maintenance

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Although you may have already poured hours of work and time into your property: there’s no reason it can’t start to be lower maintenance starting today! Take the time to follow some of these tips, and make your property a dream to take care of in no time.

Sam Willis is a contributor to Innovative Building Materials. He is a blogger and content writer. Sam is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that increase property value, maximize energy savings, and turn houses into homes.

– Sam Willis


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