Published 7/20/22

How the Right Kind of Lighting Can Transform Your Home

The right lighting can totally change the aesthetics of any room. In fact, the right kind can liven up a room, making it exciting and extremely eye-pleasing. It is important that you use reliable and good-quality electrical wires and cables while installing the lights. Let us learn more about lighting and how it can change the appearance of any room.

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Key Lighting Design Factors

  • Area and size of the room
  • Your preferences
  • Height and shape of the ceiling
  • Color of the walls, furniture and accessories
  • Shadows and reflections in the room
  • Daylight integrations
  • Energy efficiency
  • Level of illumination (lux)
  • Electrical codes, documentation, and specifications

3 Types of Lighting

  1. General or Ambient Lighting

This type of lighting is simply used to make an interior space visible. Ambient lighting is soft and allows you to function without a harsh glare. Use the right type of home wiring while installing these lights.

  1. Task Lighting

Task lighting is concentrated, smaller lighting. It is meant to help you see clearly when you do activities like reading or sewing. It works well only when it is used as a contrasting light.

  1. Accent Lighting

The primary objection of accent lighting is to draw the eye to its focal point. You can use it to add style and even drama to a room. Ensure house wiring is of high quality while installing these lights.

How to Light Different Rooms of a House

  1. Entryways

The entryways should be well-lit. One of the best lighting options for entryways is ceiling fixtures. Avoid downlights as they can create high contrast shadows. You can also use track lighting if you want to create a wall wash.

Make sure the electrical cables are not visible when you fix the lights in the entryway.

  1. Stairs and Hallways

There should be enough lighting in stairs and hallways to provide a safe passage for those using them. Install a light fixture every 4 – 6 feet.

If you use the right type of lighting, you can make the area seem more spacious. You can use different light sources like wash lights or wall fixtures.

  1. Utility Rooms and Garages

In these areas, you need plenty of ambient and recessed lighting. Utility rooms like the laundry area would require task lighting. Do not place the lights directly over the vehicles in the garage. Installing moisture-proof fluorescent lighting would be ideal.

Go over the house electrical wiring to determine which would be the best spots to install lights.

  1. Living Rooms

A living room is where you spend most of your waking hours. This is where you would gather with your family, host guests, watch television, read, or work.

Multiple light layers, along with dimmable lights would look great. You can also use a combination of accent lighting and ambient lighting.  

  1. Kitchens

This is undoubtedly one of the most functional areas of the house. You don’t just cook in the kitchen, but also eat, hang out or even work. This means you need plenty of ambient light along with task lighting in the kitchen.

Under-cabinet lighting can provide task lighting for the counters. Consider using energy-efficient lighting since you would use this space a lot.

  1. Dining Room

Install beautiful light fixtures like chandeliers or pendant lighting above the dining table. You can also use track lighting and dimmers to create a more relaxed or romantic ambience.

If you want to use recessed lighting, then aim the light toward the walls as it will create ambient light. Ensure that the home electrical wiring supports the installation of these lights.

  1. Bedroom

Bedrooms should be relaxing and help you wind down after a long and tiring day. Moreover, the lighting should help you fall asleep. Ambient lighting, along with dimmer controls, will help you achieve that.

Accent lighting will give the room a more decorative look. Don’t install any light directly above the bed.

  1. Bathrooms

Bathrooms are all about function, safety, and aesthetics. You must have bright, even light that is shadow-free.

Use recessed lighting as it would help free up space and offer a glare-free look. Choose a neutral light that is directed toward your face when you look at the mirror.

To Conclude

Remember that you must pay attention to the home electrical wiring system when you install the lights of your choice. Choose the right type of lighting, and you will see your home transform into a relaxing, comfortable and stunning place.

– Jesson Pitt


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