Published 9/7/22

How to Make Your Rental Property More Desirable

When it comes to investing in rental properties, it’s all about generating income to ensure profit. But like all types of investments, it comes with a risk. Mitigating those risks will require preparation, proper planning, and knowledge. Are you aware of the features that renters look for in a property? Are you sure those features will appeal to them? Whether you want to market your investment property or upgrade your current rental property, you should make it stand out. 

From significant modifications to minor tweaks, there are many tricks and hacks to make your property more appealing. To get you started, here are three of the most important steps you can take to make your property stand out from all the competition in Philadelphia, PA, and boost your revenue.

1. Hire a property manager

You can always decide to manage the property independently, but you should know that managing a rental or even multiple properties is a full-time job. Achieving high returns requires constant attention and assessment of expenses versus the rental value to maintain quality tenants. An experienced and licensed professional will handle all the daily operations as they evaluate all areas with a focus on the long-term goal.

You can also hire a backyard landscaping professional to upgrade your outdoors and lawn. But before you connect with a local contractor to discuss the upgrades and request a quote, you can research and assess companies by reading their online reviews. If you’re on a budget and worried about the costs, you can also evaluate which companies offer the best deals or credits for your landscaping project. 

2. Fix any repairs

This might sound obvious, but it’s easily overlooked. Walk around the property and look for areas that need fixing. Do you see any cracks in the walls? Are there any loose door knobs, light switches, or anything that seems off? Some quick fixes might seem minor, but they can make a huge difference. You want a good reputation and to show tenants that you’re an attentive and active landlord from the beginning – so ensure all appliances are in great condition.

Constant maintenance during tenancies is important since it shows you care for your tenants and property; plus, it’s a good strategy to attract quality clients.

3. Video marketing your property

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a video worth? Video marketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques. And for other obvious reasons, renters connect more with houses visually, making it ideal for real estate expansion.

Start by designing a video showcasing your property to attract prospective tenants. You can use a merge video tool to edit and quickly combine videos and images to design meaningful content. The tool basically allows the user to edit and share the exact moment they want to film/capture.

Stand Out From the Competition

Designing an appealing rental property can seem overwhelming or costly, but with the tips highlighted in this guide, and a compelling marketing video to attract quality tenants, all the hassle should be worthwhile. If you need a reputable property investment company in Philadelphia, PA, contact Franklin Investment Realty to help you in your venture.

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– Rhonda Underhill


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