Published 7/1/22

Top Features to Look for in a New Home

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Your home is your space away from the world, where you can slip away and recharge or relax while connecting with loved ones. It needs to be more than just a few walls and simple rooms.


These are the top features everyone should be looking for in their new homes: and why they matter!

Fantastic Siding That Will Last

Your siding needs to be as strong as possible to protect your home. Although aesthetics matter, deciding what color people refer to your home as and deciding their first impression of your property, it’s also vital for it to be able to handle storms, moisture, and wind. 


Look for a property with a strong board and batten siding that’s recently been installed. Although you can simply replace the siding with something that matches your tastes if you go for a home with older siding, it’s not necessarily the best call since that can be expensive for a new home buyer.

A Roof You Can Trust


How old is the roof of the homes you’re looking at? Anything older than 20 years old will probably give you trouble within the next decade or two, causing you to have to put tens of thousands of dollars into replacing it. Instead, seek out a property with composite roofing that’s recently been replaced.

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Composite roofing, also known as synthetic shingles, is made out of recycled materials and allows you to get the look of slate or cedar shake: while also being ecologically sound. These roofs can last beyond fifty years if completed by the right company and are a good choice for almost anyone. 

Energy Efficient Details

Energy bills are skyrocketing, so many buyers are making the smart choice of seeking out properties that are made to be more efficient. You can see these details throughout the home if you know what to look for.


Properties with energy-efficient soffit panels that are well insulated and that have updated HVAC systems often deal with far smaller energy bills than their counterparts. 

A Feeling of Security and Safety

You should feel secure and safe within your home. The best way to ensure you do is to look at the crime rates of the area you’re moving to and look at the details of the home that point towards it being a safer property.



Are the windows newer, with good locks on them that you can switch whenever you close them? Are the doors good quality? You should also consider looking for exterior lighting for your lawn. This will not only help you show off your beautiful property at night, but it will stop people from trying to trespass at night since they’ll be easily spotted in the exterior lighting.

Gorgeous Details: Even in the Garage

Every inch of your new home should have details that show it was thoughtfully constructed and updated. A major point that gets overlooked is the garage! A new garage door ensures you won’t have to struggle with replacing it any time soon, and epoxy-painted concrete floors will save you from worries of staining or discoloring your garage floors by using them.


Every garage should also have some form of storage, where you can store items on the walls or up in an attic space so that you don’t have to worry about random boxes taking up all of your space. 

A Location That Feels Like Home

Where your home sits should feel like home. Is this an area where there’s a lot to see and do that you’re interested in? Is it near work or loved ones? Are there good schools nearby for your children?


Although every area will grow and change as you live in it, can you see yourself becoming a part of this community and getting to know your local neighbors? This can change everything about how you feel living in a home. The best home possible isn’t worth anything if you don’t feel happy living there.

Enough Room to Grow

The worst thing you can realize while living in your new home is that you’re suddenly out of space. Although it’s a good idea to try your best to stay within the budget, if your budget leaves you a couple of rooms short, you may need to get creative.


We all grow and change as we live, collecting more items and possibly expanding our families. If the home you’re buying isn’t able to handle whatever life changes may come within the next ten years: it’s not a good investment.

Your Home Should Have Everything You Need

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Whether this is the first home you’ve ever bought or you’re buying one to upgrade from your current property: it’s vital that you look for a house that speaks to you. Look for these details while you’re house hunting!

– Sam Willis

Sam Willis is a contributor to Innovative Building Materials. He is a blogger and content writer for the real estate industry. Sam is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that increase property value, maximize energy savings, and turn houses into homes. 


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