Published 5/3/22

Top Projects To Revive Your Home

You can do many things to breathe new life into your home. Some projects you can tackle DIY, while others require the help of a reliable contractor. When reviving or refreshing your home, keep in mind that the end goal is to have a healthier space that promotes wellness for the entire family. Here are some suggestions on how to liven up your home.

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Value-Increasing Projects

Your renovation considerations may differ if you plan to sell or rent out versus staying in your home. Renters may expect different amenities than homeowners. For example, updated lighting, fresh paint, and technology, among other things, can attract tenants to your rental property.

Kitchen and Bath 

Some kitchen and bathroom projects add value because people spend a lot of time in these spaces, and everyone appreciates an up-to-date kitchen and a spa-like bath experience. However, refreshing these areas doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Simple changes, such as adding backsplash tile in your kitchen or updating lighting, add value and transform the space. And if you want to add some color, there are plenty of peel & stick wallpaper options to choose from.

Outdoors and Curb Appeal

Many homeowners and tenants enjoy entertaining. Outdoor improvements, such as fire pits, decks, and fences, increase home value. A beautifully landscaped lawn provides curb appeal and reveals that you take pride in your property. You may want to consider new landscape design, but before contacting a contractor to obtain a quote, read reviews online to ensure your contractor is qualified. In addition, you may find some who are offering money-saving promotions.


Consider unused space when thinking about a renovation project because usable square footage adds value to your home. Value-adding remodeling projects include adding a home gym or yoga space in your basement. Alternatively, families and those who entertain may appreciate an entertainment center. After a stressful day, a soothing meditation room may be just what you or other family members need to help you unwind.

Organizational Ideas

A chaotic environment is stress-inducing. Living in organized spaces helps relieve anxiety and promotes wellness. You can complete many home organization projects inexpensively with minimal supplies and a well-executed plan. Even children can appreciate organized areas where they can find their favorite toys easily. Picking up toys and putting them in their proper places can become a bonding experience for you and your child. 

Tips for Your Renovation

Several of these changes can be DIY projects, but if your project involves plumbing or electricity, it’s best to hire a qualified contractor due to safety issues. Also, contractors normally provide a warranty for their work and relieve the stress of doing the work yourself. 

The cost of renovating your basement or other areas depends on your location, the materials you choose, and the complexity of your project. If you choose to add carpeting in your basement, remember to add subflooring because carpeting is prone to mold. Be sure to take before and after photos of any project and keep copies of all receipts for materials and labor.

Family and Projects

Revive and refresh your home by choosing projects that promote family wellness. Simple projects in which the entire family can participate, such as adding wallpaper, encourage family bonding while providing them with a healthier, more organized, and usable space.

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– Rhonda Underhill

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