Published 6/3/22

What to Know Before Buying a Commercial Building

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Buying a commercial building is the best way to push your business ahead and make massive strides: but if you decide poorly or don’t plan well enough, you could be setting your company up for failure.


Whether this is your first commercial building or your fiftieth, it’s vital that you consider some things before making that purchase. These are the top ideas to think over.

How Much Space You Need Now and Will Need in Ten Years

Although you may be looking at some of the most incredible buildings and feeling inspired by them: it’s vital that you consider the space within them. Before anything else, plot out what a reasonable growth plan for your business for the next ten years would be. 


Of course, it’s a good idea to be realistic, but every company changes and shifts over time, so it’s vital that when you put in the money, you know that this building will be able to handle your needs. If you’re expecting to bring in more employees or change to bulkier equipment within the next five years, you’ll need to get a commercial building that has room for you to grow into.

What Features The Building Has, And Which You Need

What features does this commercial building have? Does it offer an updated breakroom with awesome options for your employees? Does it have attractive architectural louvers that ensure the HVAC system runs like a dream? Is there ample parking with easy access to the building?


These may seem obvious, but one of the biggest mistakes you can make is buying a building without looking at what it offers: and considering what you need.


On the other hand, if a building is just outside of your budget, but you love the details and amenities it has: consider buying lower and looking into the cost of adding those amenities yourself. Although this will make you put more money upfront, it can turn out cheaper overall.

Do The Spaces Work For Your Specific Needs

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Many features that buyers look for in commercial office design ensure the building is perfectly suited to their business. If your budget is tight, it’s good to be flexible, but not so flexible that you try to turn an overheated warehouse into a call center.


Look at the layout of the space, consider the number of rooms and their current use, and think about whether or not this speaks to what your business needs. Although you can update things and change walls or the layout whenever you want, it’s expensive to do so and should be avoided if possible.

Is The Location In An Area Easy to Reach By Customers and Employees

Whether you’re going for a 5,000 square foot or 20,000 square foot building: it’s vital that you consider the location. If you’re not planning on running your business alone, is this location a space that customers and employees could easily access?


Although you shouldn’t buy a city-center location if you can’t afford it, it’s a good idea to keep as close to populated areas as you can. Land may be extremely cheap in distant communities, but if you can’t get enough employees to work the machinery or handle operations: it’s not worth the saved money.


Try to find a balance between affordable and accessible for your employees.

How Are You Financing This? Can You Afford it Even if Sales Dropped?

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How do you plan on financing your commercial building? Are you planning on getting a long-term loan that you’ll pay back in sales, or are you paying for it out of pocket? If you’re getting a loan, it’s vital that you ensure even if you lost fifty percent of your sales, you’d still be able to afford this space.


Although nobody wants to think about their business dropping that much, 2020 showed many companies that they have to be prepared for any possible incidents that could happen. Careful planning and budgeting will protect your company even if everything else goes south.

Do You Have a Team Behind You Helping Make Decisions?

How are you deciding on this property? Are you the only decision-maker, or is there a board you have to gain approval from? Try not to work alone on this decision, and loop in an experienced commercial real estate agent to help you. Not only will they be able to show you more properties that you may not have considered, but their experience will also help you avoid making any big mistakes.


Your business is a large investment of time, work, and money, so don’t go into any huge decision until it’s been thoroughly discussed and plotted out.

Buying a Commercial Building is a Huge Investment

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Buying a commercial building is a massive investment that will tie your entire financial future into whether or not your company succeeds. It’s important to plan ahead and work with an experienced real estate agent to make sure you’re making the right choices.

Sam Willis is a contributor to Innovative Building Materials. He is a blogger and content writer for the real estate industry. Sam is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that increase property value, maximize energy savings, and turn houses into homes.

– Sam Willis

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