Published 5/19/20

In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Franklin Investment Realty has outlined a partnership with front-line workers to assist making their real estate goals possible. We are offering a one time $1,000 settlement credit to both buyers and sellers indefinitely if you register with us before the end of May 2020. You can register below or at the following link: Front-Line Worker Registration. This partnership is designed to give back to all the front-line workers who have worked tirelessly throughout these unprecedented times not just with coronavirus but addressing all concerns.

The front-line work force is very close to home having many family members and close friends working diligently during this pandemic. We want to honor all their hard work and consistent efforts far beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Franklin Investment Realty will make your real estate goals possible. We have experience working with buyerssellers, and investors throughout Bucks, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties.

Through the collaborative effort of our government, front-line workers, businesses and individuals, we look forward to putting an end to the coronavirus pandemic!

Matt Scannapieco

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